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Unlocking Hidden Mind Power - How to Tap Into Your Mind's Amazing Power By Michael Lee

Our mind is a complex mass, made up of components that may seem discrete, or different from each other, but are actually connected. Unlocking your hidden mind power is a matter of learning how to enhance the connections between these areas in your mind. Unlocking your hidden mind power, contrary to the common impression, is not brain surgery. It is actually a simple process. All it takes is your willingness, and these three driving forces.

1) Identify what would be the "underlining paradigm" to your life. This would mean defining the reason why you will be working hard. This would be what would drive everything you do. Do keep in mind that without defining your paradigm, you would be like a newly beheaded chicken running around without a purpose.

Whatever paradigm you have designed for your life, it would be what you would go back to when tough times come. In life, there would be several setbacks. What would then keep you going when everything seems to be crumbling like brittle limestone in your hands? Your paradigm would keep you going.

Say for example, you aim to be a "man for others". You would then build your life around helping people. If you choose to climb up the corporate ladder, then your moves would be defined by your paradigm of being a man for others. This means that despite deals being a little disadvantageous to you, you would choose to remain honest or committed because it is for the greater good, and it would help your fellow man. Then whatever you would do, when people approach you for help, despite being chin-deep in a deadline, you would take the time out to help, because you set in your mid to be a "man for others".

That is just an example. You could go for the paradigm "looking out for number one," if that feels more comfortable to you. But do realize that the visionaries and the world's greatest men did not get there because of their mercenary mindset. A majority of them got there because they gave a lot of themselves, as much of themselves as they wanted out of life and others.

Unlocking your hidden mind power, then, starts with knowing what you want. Read on for the next two steps.

2) Create a strategy of how to develop a career around your paradigm. Let's go back to the example of being a "man for others". Let's say you want to achieve that through the route of the corporate world. You would then be taking the route of social entrepreneurship, given your paradigm. Or else, you would commit to giving a certain amount of your profits to charity. However you choose to do it, build every decision you make upon your main paradigm.

Know your options and make decisions based on which would bring you closer to your goals, or which would be consistent with your main paradigm.

3) Throw yourself into what you decided upon. Passion is the main fuel for people. Those who got to the top have achieved that feat because they focused all their energies on what they wanted to accomplish. You cannot realize your goals if you are not in the least bit driven, or inspired, to reach out and grab what you set your heart upon.

These are the keys to unlocking your hidden mind power because when you know what you want, you will be driven to get it. When you are driven to get it, everything inside you, including your mind, kicks into gear, bracing for getting whatever you desire. At that moment, your mind would then kick into motion, and be at its most productive state.

Remember, unlocking your hidden mind power starts with identifying/defining your paradigm; next is for you to create your strategy and make decisions based on your paradigm; and lastly, you should coat your life with passion. Here's to reaching your peak!

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