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"If You Can Easily and Quickly Persuade Anyone to Eagerly Do Anything You Want, How Will You Use This Covert Power of Persuasion?"

Sell more products? Win lots of friends? Mesmerize the opposite sex? Secure your dream job? The choice is yours! I'll give you the power; how you use it is all up to you. Please use it responsibly.

You can have this unique persuasion power very easily and quickly. I oversimplified everything so anyone can persuade like a pro, no matter what your skill level is.


"Business is Booming Because I Applied Your Persuasion Techniques..."

"Hey Michael!

Frankly, I was skeptical when I first saw your website for 'How To Be An Expert Persuader.' It sounded too good to be true.

But I was so intrigued with your persuasion material, I decided to read it anyway. As I was going through it, I wondered if I would be wasting my time with the same old persuasion and influence methods I already know.

To my pleasant surprise, reading "Expert Persuader" has turned out to be one of my most stimulating experiences ever! The persuasion tactics and secrets you've shared are extraordinarily exceptional. You're really a certified master persuasion expert, no doubt about it.

I love your writing style and the sample stories. I told my list that if you are in business you need Michael's copy on how to persuade people. Even a 12-year old can become an instant persuasion master with your foolproof, step-by-step system!

I'm having the best times of my life with my family, friends, and clients; and business is booming because I applied your persuasion techniques. Thanks again, Michael."

- Ross Dalangin, Online Business Consultant



From: Michael Lee, Persuasion Expert


Dear Soon-to-Be Expert Persuader,

Which of these exciting experiences would you like to achieve?

Change people's behavior and way of thinking, so you can have it "your way."
Superboost your sales and income.
Have an abundance of money to buy anything you want.
Attract the opposite sex like a 10-ton magnet.
Win lots of true and loyal friends.
Make anyone admire, trust and like (even love) you.
Feel confident and comfortable with total strangers.
Put anyone "under your spell," even if you have zero knowledge in hypnosis.
Conquer difficult people and protect yourself from manipulators.
"Wow" any job interviewer and secure your dream job.
Persuade your boss to give you a promotion and raise, all while he thinks it's his idea.
Motivate employees to do a fantastic job and become more productive.

If you want to accomplish even just one of the above, then this will prove to be the most crucial letter you've ever read. Here's why...

After years of intensive research, personal experiments and costly trial-and-errors, I've amassed the most astonishing persuasion techniques and secrets to help you achieve any of the items listed above... and much more! And I'm ready to share them with you.

Before I let you in on my closely-guarded secrets, let me quickly introduce myself and tell you my true personal story.

My name is Michael Lee. I'm a persuasion expert, professional copywriter, and known by many as a "self-improvement guru." (That's what they're calling me, not something I invented.)

I didn't start out to be successful. In fact, I know what it's like to feel helpless and frustrated in various situations where you have to deal with other people. For many agonizing years, I was in the same position as you are (or probably worse).

Since the beginning, I was "controlled" even by people who are supposed to understand me.

My parents had always told me everything I should do (from what I should eat... to what course I should take in college). They had confused "guidance" with "overprotection." That's ok if I'm still a kid, but I was already in my teens by then!

When I went to school, I was often manipulated and cheated. My classmates would always borrow money from me. I just couldn't say "No" even if I know they'll never return the money.

I'll do whatever they say, no matter how stupid it is, just to gain their acceptance. Sadly, I was "used" like a slave and was not treated as a friend.

As I grew older, things got worse. I had a very tough time interacting with people and making friends. My extreme shyness and inability to communicate had built a huge wall in my social life. My relationships suffered tremendously, and I actually avoided any contact with people. It was very depressing.

When I was hunting for a good job, nobody wanted to hire me. Although I can easily pass the written exams, the job interviews would always kill me. (Thank God, my kind relative had mercy and hired me for a while so I was able to pay my bills.)

People avoided me as much as possible, because they don't want to be associated with a "loser". I dread every new project, because nobody wants me to be their partner or team member. They avoided me like an outcast with an infectious disease. It hurts... a lot!

I tried selling too. But with no charisma and a weak personality, I failed... again and again.

My confidence level just plummeted to the core of the earth. For years, I felt hopeless and depressed. I'm sure you'll feel the same way if you were in my position.

Then finally, I had enough! I realized that if I really wanted to change my life and be in charge of my destiny, it's up to me!

I started buying, researching, studying, and applying all sorts of powerful information about psychology, persuasion and influence, as well as other related fields such as conversational hypnosis, body language, communication training, NLP, copywriting, and negotiation.

I Became Obssessed with Having People Do Whatever I Say!

When I discovered how persuasion and its related fields can help solve all my problems, I became totally hooked!

Day and night, I would think of nothing but finding all the keys that will make people do what I want... willingly and eagerly (as long as it's ethical of course; persuasion should never be used for bad or malicious intentions).

During those years of dedicated study, I used what I've learned in almost every situation - from the most minor conversations with friends... to the most challenging negotiations with business contacts. I was so amazed with the results I've been getting... I felt like I've found the holy grail of mind control.

I even ingeniously cooked up some of my own persuasion techniques. (You know how motivated you can be if you're really desperate.)

This closely-guarded knowledge has made me incredibly successful in my business, career, relationships, social life and love life!

And now, I'm ready to share my persuasion secrets with you...

That's me and my beautiful wife at the right. (I'm already 29 as of this year 2008. Don't you agree I look younger than my age?)

For years, I couldn't even look at girls straight in the eyes when talking to them. I was a loser back then. But not anymore! My personality and mindset had undergone a dramatic transformation.

After becoming a persuasion expert, I had easily persuaded the girl of my dreams to marry me. (Note: I didn't use my persuasion skill to do anything unethical; she willingly said "yes" after I made her realize the importance of having me as her partner for life.)

Aside from marrying my dream girl, here's just a few of what I was able to accomplish using the covert power and psychology of persuasion (sometimes mixed with the power of body language, conversational hypnosis, and other persuasion-related tactics):

I've been getting people to say "Yes" to my ideas and agree with me. And I've been able to say "No" anytime without offending anyone. As a result, my stress level dropped significantly (This has probably saved my life).


I was able to quit my day job because my online income has exploded. Thanks to the power of persuasion, selling is now as easy as brushing your teeth.


Making friends and getting them to like me has become almost automatic.


I've became friends and partners with some of the most successful marketers in the world. This time, I'm not the one begging to be accepted. They're the ones asking me! I've been getting a lot of invitations & proposals that I have to decline many of them, just to keep my sanity.


I had persuaded my parents to allow me to marry my girlfriend. Before you say that this is a very easy task, my case is entirely different. Our Chinese culture strictly forbids us to marry anyone who does not have Chinese blood. My wife is 100% Filipino, so it's impossible for me to marry her had I not used my persuasion skills.


I'm an average person just like you, or probably even worse before I became an expert persuader. I had been frustrated when people commanded me around like a slave, while I was not able to persuade them to do things for me. You probably have experienced the same thing before, haven't you?

Now I have discovered the keys to persuade and influence people to do what you want them to do. People no longer control my actions and decisions. I'm free to do whatever I want, and make people do anything I want (as long as its for their own good too - remember the win-win rule).

I want to reveal these insider secrets to you, because I don't want you to go through the hell I've been through.

Ever since my discovery, I swore that I would do everything in my ability to rescue helpless victims from the bondage of domineering and manipulative people. My goal is to transform "slaves of other people's control" into "red-hot, assertive master persuaders".

These keys have been working wonders for me, so I'm sure you'll achieve amazing results with them too. If a former hopeless loser like me can become highly successful with these powerful secrets, just imagine what they can do for you!

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Having Excellent Persuasion Skills Is As Important As Life Itself!

If you don't have excellent persuasion skills, you're losing out on many vital aspects of your life (that includes your wealth, career, relationships, social and love life).

Those who wittingly use the power and psychology of persuasion will always have a dominant edge over those who don't. Can you afford being outdone or outsmarted by others?

The media have been applying subliminal persuasion and conversational hypnosis on you, and you may not even be aware of it. They're willing to spend millions of dollars in advertising costs because they know this stuff works.

Some advertisers may even be using these techniques to manipulate you, so please be careful and protect yourself by having the right knowledge. Don't worry - I'll tell you what you need to know so you can stay safe and secure.

If you're not taking advantage of the power of persuasion and influence in your daily interaction with people, you'll have a very tough time fulfilling almost anything!

But if you master the art of persuasion, everything that involves interacting or dealing with people becomes as easy as pie.

Take a few seconds to imagine this...

Right now... you're the top salesperson or employee... you're getting huge paychecks... you have magnetic charisma... you have the super ability to make friends and get along with anyone... you have the unstoppable confidence to persuade anyone to do anything YOU want... incredible feeling, isn't it?

Now what if I told you that your much-coveted dreams can finally become answered prayers, would you listen to every word I'm about to tell you?

Whether it's earning more money, excelling in your career or business, building happy relationships with anyone, or influencing others to accept your ideas, becoming skilled in the psychology of persuasion and influence is critical to your success.

Can persuasion really give you so much power and potential? If you're still in doubt, please read all the vital facts in this website before you jump to any conclusion. I guarantee you... your life, as you know it right now, will never be the same.

In this article, you'll also discover some amazing persuasion techniques you can use immediately. Most people would charge for this kind of great information, but I'm giving it to you for free.

Before you go on, please briefly jot down the top 3 things that you really want others to do for you. Examples: I want to double my customer list within 30 days, I want to be close friends with everyone at this university, I want Kris to be my girlfriend (or boyfriend), etc. Don't be shy; you're in full control of your destiny.

Done writing? Congratulations for being committed to your success! By writing them down, you subconsciously program yourself to push through with what you want.

Persuasion Tip: You can better persuade people to stay committed with their promises by asking them to write down what they said. You'll get even best results if other people has seen or heard the commitment. Are you beginning to realize how powerful these persuasion techniques are?

By discovering the subliminal art of persuasion and tapping into its mind-altering power, you can influence anyone to accelerate your own success... and make them think they're getting the better end of the deal (while at the same time making them think they're in total control!).

The covert persuasion techniques you're about to discover are simple and easy to understand, yet surprisingly powerful. In fact, they're as easy as tying your shoelace. You'll be able to instantly apply this knowledge to change your life forever.

Yes, I'm talking about instant persuasion power and influence to get what you want... the fast, easy and effortless way!

Best of all... we're combining the power of body language, conversational hypnosis, NLP, negotiation, and communication skills with the power of persuasion, so you truly can be a world-class, high-earning expert persuader. And we're going to do that in only 20 days or less! Are you ready?

Crucial Facts You Absolutely Need to Know Before You Can Successfully Persuade Anyone

Before persuading anyone, you must have the right mindset. Persuasion is more powerful if you incorporate affirmation and visualization before persuading anyone, but you must also have the strong belief that you can do it.

To be effective in persuading others, you must learn the art of reading body language, as well as giving out the right body language signals.

Did you know that you can detect if someone is lying or not through his eyes?

A Simple Technique to Detect a Lie

If you ask a question and he looks to the left or in an upward direction, that means he is thinking. If he looks to the right, he is recalling something that actually happened.

So if you ask someone, “Where were you when the child fell down?” If he looks to the left, he might be making up a story to cover the real incident. If he looks to the right, he might be recalling what actually happened (in reality).

This method may help you determine if you want to accept their explanation or not, while also taking into account other factors.

By becoming an expert persuader, you get to use proven methods to accurately detect lies, as well as interpret emotions such as anger, nervousness, boredom, confidence, and many others.

You can successfully decode other people's actions and gestures, so you can persuade them when they are in their most responsive states. Are you beginning to see the power in this?

Being an expert persuader also gives you a shield against the negative influence of unethical people who want to manipulate you for personal gain.

You'll soon realize how to handle absolutely any kind of emotion - no matter how terrible - and turn them to your advantage. You'll even discover how to speak your opinion (no matter what it is) without losing friends.

Never Do This to Your Child!

If your child has done something wrong, never criticize him for his mistakes. Instead, ask him, “That did not turn out to be ok, didn’t it? What lesson have you learned?” or “That was a great learning experience. What would you do differently in the future?”

Criticisms may hurt his ego and may only create a backlash. On the contrary, making him realize the moral or lesson to be learned in every failed experience will enrich his character and knowledge.

With the right persuasion power, you get to relate yourself well to others. You get to acquire hypnotic communication skills to eliminate the root cause of arguments and misunderstandings, as well as get people to agree with what you want! (as long as the result is win-win of course)

Agreement Catchers

Did you know adding words such as "right," “isn’t,” “doesn’t,” “won’t,” “can't," etc. and converting your message into a question allows you to obtain agreement more easily? That's because these words get other people to answer "yes" either verbally or in their minds.


"You want security for your family, right?"
“This is an excellent proposal, isn’t it?”
“They can finish the project in due time, can’t they?”
“You do want to achieve your goals, don’t you?”
“You’re not one of the quitters, aren’t you?”

Here's another persuasion tip for you. People do things that they perceive as desirable by others (even if they don't want to), because they're influenced by social pressure.

The more people who do the same thing or treat it as the right thing to do, the more acceptable it is perceived to be. Because we want others to like and respect us, we try all attempts to "fit in."

We follow the crowd, especially a group that has any similarities to us. The more similarities they have to our own, the more we model them.

Following the Herd

How do you convince a stubborn child to follow your order? Letting him see how other children are obeying their parents (through real life, TV or videos) may be more effective than just directly asking him to do what you want.

How do you persuade others to believe that what you're asking them is the right thing to do? Cite similar cases or examples where other people just like them are happily complying with what you want.

By becoming a persuasion expert, you get to easily ask any special favor from people without the hassle.

How to Ask a Favor or Request

Want to know how to get someone to comply with your request, even if you think he won't grant it? Make up a larger request, then politely ask for it. Once he says "no" to the larger favor, make your real request.

He will be more receptive to grant your true (and smaller) request. By declining the first one, he will feel embarrassed to turn down another one, especially if the second favor is much easier to comply than the first request because he will tend to "compare" them both.

Using the power of persuasion, you can make people believe that they are far greater than they think they are, or they're doing something far greater than the actual task at hand.

Choosing the Right Words

Say, "sanitation engineer" instead of "garbage collector" and you'll get better service from him.

Say, "We have a challenging situation at hand" instead of "We have a big problem" so you can cause less anxiety.

Say, "You're getting slim" instead of "You're becoming thin" so you'll boost his self-esteem and he will see you as a nice person.

Want to know more persuasion techniques? Make sure you check this out:

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Are you beginning to realize how becoming an expert persuader can create astonishing results in your life? The persuasion-related techniques I just shared with you are nothing compared to what you're about to experience next.

I'd like to introduce to you my masterpiece..

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How To Be An Expert Persuader… In 20 Days Or Less is power-packed with 229 meaty pages of foolproof & revolutionary information to automatically persuade and influence people… even if you've never convinced or persuaded anyone in your entire life! 

Alert! Some books with 200+ pages contain so much fluff and unnecessary information that finding the "gems" is like looking for a needle in the haystack. This is certainly NOT the case for "How To Be An Expert Persuader."

Most of the content in my course are direct to the point, so every second that you spend reading it is definitely worth your time. I hate time-wasters as much as you do. I also incorporate stories and examples so you can fully understand and grasp these powerful ideas.


"One of the Best Books I've Seen on the Science of Persuasion..."

"Whatever you want to do in life, you need the cooperation of other people. Learning how to persuade other people is essential to success in any aspect of life, whether we're talking sales, business, dating, or even parenting.

'How To Be An Expert Persuader' is one of the best books I've seen on the science of persuasion. Michael leads you by the hand and gently guides you through the wild jungle of NLP theory and techniques to guide you to the knowledge and skills that will enable you to accomplish anything and everything you want in life.

Once you've finished this book, you will find persuasion to be an easy and natural skill to use."

- Alan Tutt, CEO of Powerkeys Publishing

Some of the Incredible Secrets Revealed in How To Be An Expert Persuader:

The first and most important thing to do before persuading anyone. Apply this technique so that you'll multiply success in your persuasion attempts a hundred fold. (Page 8)


How to properly apply affirmations and visualizations to magnify your success in persuading anyone. (Page 19)


An effective relaxation exercise to calm your nerves before persuading. (Page 21)


The viral power of the "friend factor." (Page 29)


How to make friends the quick and easy way. It's just like taking candy from a baby. (Page 30)


How to start a conversation and make a connection easily. (Page 37)


How to persuade using the "ego booster." (Page 42)


How to use challenges to motivate people. (Page 44)


How to decode and apply the most used yet most misunderstood secret language in the world so that you can interpret their inner feelings and emotions. It's like having x-ray vision! (Page 61)


How to use one of your 5 senses to influence anyone to talk more often. (Page 62)


How to use the "magic touch" for effective persuasion. (Page 69)


How to optimize the power of association. (Page 74)


How to activate a hot button and instantly get what you want. This very powerful yet surprisingly simple technique is so easy to do, even a kid from kindergarten can do it! (Page 77)


How to dominate the persuasion scene using the principle of authority. (Page 79)


How to unleash the persuasive force of "herd mentality." (Page 83)


How to maximize the success factor of the reciprocity rule. (Page 88)


How to apply the hypnotic power of consistency. (Page 100)


The ironic case of my friend who bought his dream car after he found out it has some flaws. (Page 101)


The shocking reason behind the irresistible appeal of "adults only" materials and forbidden love. (Page 103)


Secrets of the 2 killer persuasion tactics - the "triple scarcity combo" and the "persuasion fatal 4". (Page 107)


The hidden advantages of being the first and the last. (Page 117)


Sizzling secrets that skyrocket your sales and profits like a space shuttle launching to outer space! These techniques are not revealed in most high-priced marketing books, courses and seminars. (Page 120)


How to apply "proofless exaggerations" to influence people. (Page 127)


How to use the "counter proposal" method. (Page 129)


How to use clever pricing strategies to superboost your sales. One of them is the ingenious "make them feel guilty" technique. (Page 136)


The "immunity formula" to protect yourself against criticisms. (Page 155)


Great conversation openers so that you'll feel comfortable in the company of strangers. (Page 159)


How to press the hot button of seduction. (Page 161)


The "super formula" that has the power to persuade cancer patients of their healing ability, transform average and below average people into intellectuals, and unleash anyone's fullest potentials. (Page 168)


The secret question that can make others do what you want right now! (Page 173)


How Coach Jason transformed a losing basketball team into a fiery championship contender. (Page 174)


How to press the hot button of motivation. (Page 176)


The mesmerizing power of pacing and leading. (Page 201)


Words that pass undetected by the subconscious mind. (Page 203)


The atmospheres, conditions and settings that make people highly receptive to your persuasive message. (Page 222)


"By Far the Best Guidebook of Persuasion and Influential Techniques Ever Written..."

"How To Be An Expert Persuader is by far the best guidebook of persuasion and influential techniques ever written. You could read dozens of books trying to find the information Michael has condensed into this one easy-to-follow volume.

Not only has this book helped me to personally 'win friends and influence people,' but I've received excellent feedback from my readers who absolutely love this book. Great job, Michael, and thanks for all the priceless information!"

- Andreas Ohrt, Chief Editor of Mind Power News


Tell me. Have you ever felt like having no control over the things you want to happen in your life? To make matters worse, other people are in charge of what you must do and you can't even decide for yourself. Don't feel hopeless; it's happened to many, especially me.

The problem is, when we're growing up, nobody has ever taught us how to persuade or influence people to our way of thinking. Not our family. Not our friends. Not even in school. Some (or most) of them may even be the cause of our frustrations by taking away our freedom and control over any situation.

But all that's going to change right now... when you become an expert persuader.


"Michael's Writing Style And Interesting Stories Kept Me Interested All The Way Through The Entire Book"

"Being a devoted husband, father, teacher and business owner, I consider myself fairly experienced in the art of persuasion. However, I picked up some great new ideas and methods of how to speak to people.

Michael's writing style and interesting stories kept me interested all the way through the entire book. Whether you would like to improve your negotiation skills with your business partners to grow your company or just with your own family and friends to make your life easier, I recommend getting a copy of 'How to Become an Expert Persuader' now."

- Jeremy Gislason, CEO of SureFire Wealth, Inc.


How To Be An Expert Persuader Is NOT for You If...

If you don't like to be wealthy or admired.. if you're ok with having few or no friends, no social life, or no success in your business or career.. if you just want to be ordinary or below average.. if you're fine with living a boring, mediocre or depressing lifestyle, then this course is NOT for you.

However, if you wish to make lots of friends.. if you want to be happy and secured.. if you want to save and make incredible amounts of money.. if you want people to praise, trust, and like (or love) you.. if you want to protect yourself from deception .. if you want to possess the power to make people do what you want - willingly and eagerly.. then you and "How To Be An Expert Persuader" are a perfect match.

I'm 100% confident that this persuasion course will more than fulfill your desires and dramatically transform your life because they have produced astounding results for its users.

"A No-Fail Way to Break Through Any Block You're Experiencing In Life..."

"Mike, Your 'How To Be An Expert Persuader...In 20 Days or Less' contains a lot of good and helpful information!

The chapter that has helped me the most so far is 'Ask And You Shall Receive.' It is a no-fail way to break through any block you're experiencing in life!

I'm sure that everyone will find something in 'Expert Persuader' to help them make big changes in their life."


- Glenda Ball
Salisbury, NC USA

What You Get to Achieve Using the Persuasion Secrets I Will Hand You on a Silver Platter:

You get to grab attention and maintain it. (Page 9)


You get to arouse curiosity so much they'll be begging you to give the answer. (Page 11)


You get to overcome the most common and most difficult persuasion challenges you can ever encounter. This is a must-read if you want to save countless time and energy before persuading anyone. (Page 12)


You get to persuade others to believe in what you're saying. (Page 13)


You get to create the ideal persuasion mindset and belief. (Page 14)


You get to develop the indestructible confidence of a true master persuader. (Page 17)


You get to influence someone from a distant place. Sounds incredible? See for yourself and get astounded! (Page 22)


You get to exude the physical look and attractiveness of an expert persuader! If you think your physical and face value doesn't matter when persuading, this course will change your belief! (Page 23)


You get people to like you... a lot! (Page 28)


You get to know and use the outrageously simple secret of the world's greatest salesman that has allowed him to sell an undisputed record of 13,001 cars in his career, so that you can model your way to success! (Page 30)


You get to develop magnetic charisma so that people will naturally and automatically like you. (Page 35)


You get to build trust and get people to cooperate with you. (Page 40)


You get to build rapport in remarkable ways so that you can be trusted and liked almost instantly. (Page 47)


You get to persuade using your sensory systems. (Page 51)


You get to influence people who think differently from you. (Page 53)


You get to easily know when a person is telling the truth or not.  You get to be a walking lie-detector.  Imagine the potential! (Page 67)


You get to deny their requests without hurting their feelings and without feeling guilty. (Page 91)


You get to persuade anyone to do something which he has previously refused to do. (Page 115)


You get to use the 7 lethal motivational triggers that push your prospects' buying buttons. (Page 124)


You get to leave your prospects hanging and hungry for more. (Page 141)


You get to impress your customers and make them say "Wow!" (Page 142)


You get to sell fast and significantly reduce refunds. (Page 142)


You get to overcome the common challenges that most salespeople encounter. (Page 143)


You get to handle criticisms nicely and silence the raging critics. (Page 145)


You get to criticize others without hurting their feelings or ego. (Page 150)


You get to voice out your hurt feelings without getting violent and persuade the hardheaded. (Page 151)


You get to make your dream girl or boy fall madly in love with you.  You'll be transformed from a nobody to a super hot heartthrob. (Page 157)


You get to squeeze out those hidden ideas and knowledge from your brain and convert them to real accomplishments. (Page 162)


You get to eliminate writer's block and get your creative juices flowing, like water from a broken faucet. (Page 164)


You get to enter the minds of other people. It's like having the power of mental telepathy! (Page 166)


You get to persuade others to accomplish tasks 2 times, 3 times, or even many times faster than normal! (Page 171)


You get to be an impressive hypnotic communicator and make people more hypnotically receptive to your commands. (Page 177)


You get to use the right words at the right time to stimulate the desired emotions from your target person and for maximum success. (Page 177)


You get to be an effective listener. (Page 181)


You get to solve miscommunication problems. (Page 182)


You get to talk and use your voice like a true master persuader. (Page 185)


You get to use "emotionally mental images" to alter anyone's emotion or mood. (Page 192)


You get to unconsciously request or command people to do what you want using embedded commands. (Page 196)


You get to win arguments and negotiations, even when the situation seems hopeless. (Page 210)


You get to successfully deal with difficult people, and charm them into your way of thinking. (Page 215)


You get to set yourself free from the dominant chains of your boss, parents, relatives, husband, wife, or friends. (Page 217)


You get to protect yourself from manipulation by sleazy abusers or con men. (Page 223)


Imagine the tremendously overwhelming feeling if you just hold the key on how to accomplish even just one of these astonishing feats.

You can now accomplish anything because you know how to switch anyone's buttons like a remote control... to make them do what you want! I bet you're as excited as a kid in a candy store.

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Also nothing has ever captured my attention or given me the most help in my personal and business life than what this product teaches...

My advice to anyone visiting this website. Invest in this book today and be assured you've made one of the best decisions and smartest investments in your life!"

- Mason Ramm

Brisbane, Australia

Many of my persuasion readers used to feel so weak and helpless; but after becoming expert persuaders in just a few short days, they now have the problem-solving capability to overcome any obstacle and achieve anything in life. (And it will do the same for you).

Fortunately, the key that will open the door to endless opportunities is just waiting for you to get it. And you're holding that key right this instant.

But don't just take my word for it. See what others have to say:


"Full of Uplifting Ideas to Better Position Myself in All Types of Negotiating Situations..."

"Hi Michael,

I found your 20 day Persuasion ebook full of uplifting ideas to better position myself in all types of negotiating situations. But not only that… I also discovered other concepts to help balance out other situations that come up in life - and how to best handle them… This is really a well thought out helpful book."

- Michael Nicholas                                  

"Techniques That Really Work Because They Are Tried And Tested And Have Personally Worked For Me..."

"No matter what you are: an executive, a lawyer, a doctor or a salesman, Mike Lee's system is complete with persuasion techniques to get what you want. Techniques that really work because they are tried and tested and have personally worked for me!

This is a must for those who feel that they are being pushed around against their will and cannot have things their way. It is a must to succeed in life. This helps them to secure for themselves win-win situations, no matter how difficult the circumstances.

This is positively, steps ahead of "How to Win Friends and Influence People."

- A C Shyam Raj
Kerala, India

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How To Double Your Reading Speed In Just 16-Minutes



You might have tried other related programs before that have left you in the dark. Well, it's not your fault.

With all the inferior products that are being sold online today, it's hard to distinguish the good from the bad. I've been a victim before, and I hated these scums who gave me worthless junk in exchange for my hard-earned money. We just really have to be very careful with the people we're dealing with online.

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Thousands of satisfied customers, including other persuasion experts, professional copywriters and self-improvement authorities, are raving about how my course has greatly helped them in almost every aspects of their life.

My other achievements include:

  • I've co-authored "101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life, Vol. 3" along with Mark Victor Hansen, Ken Blanchard, Les Brown, Byron Katie, and other personal growth experts.
  • I've been a copywriter of Kevin Hogan (bestselling author, consultant to many Fortune 500 companies, and one of the world's greatest persuasion and body language experts).
  • I'm the co-owner of Self-Improvement Millionaires, a popular membership site offering quality self-help products to internet marketers.
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And if you're really unsure of whether this is right for you or not, I urge you to first purchase other persuasion books and courses available. Just come back here if you can't take the frustration any longer. (But please don't send me hate emails in case you see that the price has already increased.)

Please Use The Power of Persuasion Responsibly

The secrets and methods in this course are so powerful, it's access is restricted only to those with good intentions.

Please, I need you to promise me 2 things:

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Our aim is always win-win. If you're thinking of using these breakthrough secrets to manipulate or take advantage of others, please close this website immediately.

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I know for a fact that 'Chapter 16: Ask And You Shall Receive' works a charm as I personally use many of the suggestions on a regular basis and they work like magic every time - especially for clearing writers block and for help when making important decisions.

You've also got an excellent writing style Michael - a most excellent piece of work indeed! This is definitely a 're-reader'."

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Hypnosis Mania

Understand hypnosis - what's fact and fiction; how to use it right to have super confidence, eliminate bad habits, lose weight, and excel in life!


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Revolutionary Positive Thinking

Know how to acquire supreme optimistic attitude and energy to enjoy excellent health, attract lifelong financial prosperity, and feel on top of the world every single day … no matter what your current situation is


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Think And Grow Rich

This Timeless Classic has been one of the most influential books of all time, contributing to the success of millions of readers who have practiced its life-changing principles.


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Power of Concentration

Learn effective techniques of concentration using mental focus and visualization with vivid examples.


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Art and Science Of Personal Magnetism

Develop great personal magnetism and attain wealth, fame, love or power, even if you think you have the most repulsive personality in this planet.


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12 Winning Leadership Qualities

Possess the 12 winning qualities of a highly persuasive and influential leader to effectively lead any team to success.

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My only request is that you only email me after you've tried to answer or solve your problems yourself using the persuasion techniques I reveal in "How to be an Expert Persuader." I'm confident you'll be able to deal with it yourself, but I'll be your backup just in case you get stuck.

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In short, Awesome Information!

I graduated with a psychology degree and some of the information in here could teach my professors a thing or two about persuasion. Actually I wish I had this in college so I could have persuaded them to grade on a lower curve! ;-)

Excellent information. Excellent content. Incredible deal. Very well done!

Thanks for writing this."

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My 100% No-Questions-Asked, Better-Than-Your-Money-Back Guarantee! I'll Take the Risk Here, NOT You.

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