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Tapping Within Your Creative Mind Power - Unleashing Creativity using Mind Power By Michael Lee

We all want to be able to maximize our potentials. Inside you is the capacity to create, and inside your mind is a creative power that you can harness. Tapping within creative mind power may seem esoteric to you, but it's not. Making and doing things are actually natural to the human being, simply because we have the potential to create. Tapping within your creative mind power is simple and can be done in quite a few ways.

Below are a few things you need to have or do, so you can be on your way to waking up the creative genius inside of you.

1) Awareness. When it comes to awareness, it is not a matter of being anxious or over-vigilant. Awareness is a state of knowing what is happening, whether within you or around you. Awareness is a state of being conscious of stimuli: happenings around you, happenings inside you. You have to observe yourself: your emotions, your thoughts, how you are reacting to external stimuli.

2) Immersion in beauty. If you notice, the most creative people surround themselves with beauty. If they can't, they create beauty out of their grotesque world.

3) Ability to turn stress, tragedy and crises around. The most creative people react to stress, tragedies and crises not by being depressed about it, but by moving in the other direction - turning things around, tapping into their creative strengths, and creating something beautiful from their grotesque experiences.

Tapping within your creative mind power is a matter of using these things and turning them into fuel for creativity. By being aware of your surroundings, you will notice the most beautiful parts of the environment, of life, and derive inspiration from it. By being aware of what goes on inside you, you will be able to tap into these emotions and incorporate them into what you want to create.

When you immerse yourself in beauty, you become what you are surrounded with. And when you learn to see beauty in the grotesque and be inspired from it, chances are, you may well create work in the caliber of Picasso's, Victor Hugo's, Fyodor Dostoevsky's, and all the other virtuosos of art in all its varied forms.

Tap into your creative mind power now!

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