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The Secret of the Law of Attraction - Unleashing the Universal Law of Attraction By Michael Lee

You probably heard about this law already, but you may want to know more how to apply the secret of the law of attraction. Like attracts like - so whatever thought you hold in your mind, that's what you'll attract to your life. The universe will give it to you. These are what you need to do to get to the heart of the secret of the law of attraction and get results:

Be grateful and positive. Take stock of all the things in your life that you are thankful for right now. Make a list and try to review it everyday. This will help you stay positive. Remember, like attracts like. So if you're positive, you attract positive things.

Ask for something specific. What do you want? To be rich? How do you define rich? What amount do you need or what properties do you need to be rich? Make your request as specific as possible. Saying "I want to be rich" is vague and you won't get a definite response from the universe if you phrase it like this.

Visualize. Once you have a specific request, visualize. If you want one million dollars, for example, you can visualize yourself looking at a one-million-dollar check. How does the check look? How does it feel in your hands? Feel the feelings you would have if you get that million. Visualize from a first-person point of view, not as an observer.

Do this regularly. Feel that you have what you're asking for right now.

Believe. Do not let fear or doubt get in the way. Remember, what you think about most can happen so if you keep worrying that you won't get that million, then you won't. Believe that what you ask for is yours already.

Take inspired action. Once you start visualizing, you will most likely get an inner prompting, a spark of an idea, to do something to reach your dream. Don't hesitate - do it! That might just be the key to your dream.

So stay grateful and positive, ask for something specific, visualize and feel that you already have what you're asking for, believe, and take inspired action. Now you hold the secret of the law of attraction.

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