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Influence Without Authority - How to Influence People Regardless of Your Status By Michael Lee

The time has long passed when the power of influence was exclusive only to those who held higher positions over you. Influence without authority is now possible. Yes, I am not pulling your leg and taking advantage of whatever state you're in. This is the truth. Of course, it is understandable why you seem to have such a difficult time believing or even imagining yourself influencing others and your superiors. You're probably thinking that the words "influence without authority" will turn you into the laughing stock of the company or worse-get you booted out for good.

But these words are precisely what you must exercise to evoke positive change. And that change starts right now. According to the book "Influence without Authority" by Allan R. Cohen and David L. Bradford, we are living in a new world. This world is fast-paced and entirely different from the world of the make-yourself-seen-and-not-heard plane. Therefore, the first thing you must do is acknowledge this fact. See yourself in this new world.

Do not look at your bosses or colleagues as if they are gods. Instead, see them as allies. All of you work in this company together for one ultimate goal. Remember that there are no small parts. You are just as essential as the bigwig vice-president on the 23rd floor. Even you can influence without authority.

Once you have gotten over your fear, move forward and begin interacting with them more often. This is where the Law of Reciprocity comes in. This law is no longer new. Acclaimed authors like Stephen Covey of "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" and Paulo Coelho of "The Alchemist" have described this concept in terms of an emotional bank account and a favor bank, respectively. The idea is simple. When you offer others your help, you are making a deposit in the bank. The time will come when you will and can make a withdrawal from said bank.

Asserting yourself in these ways will enable others to see you in a different light. Instead of just another employee, you are now someone who is capable of helping others and thinking for yourself. They will now begin respecting and trusting you on a higher level. In fact, one way you can start influencing others without authority is by sharing this article with them! As you exercise these changes regularly, you will soon realize that you are already in the process of influencing others without authority.

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