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Treating Panic Disorders - Amazing Tips for Panic Attack Victims Part 2 By Michael Lee

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3) Focus and live one day at a time.

Never worry about what may happen in the future. Some people's thoughts are filled with worries and gloomy thoughts on what may happen in the future (accidents, deaths, etc.). This will aggravate your anxieties and worsen your panic disorder.

Always think of positive events and situations that may happen in the future. It is good to plan or prepare for the future, but it is always bad to worry about something that you have control of. Yes, you can control your future. You are the master of your destiny. You own your future.

As for those matters that you have no control of, let them be. It's fruitless to worry about things that you have absolutely no control of.

4) Eliminate stress and disconnect from your problems.

Take a deep breath and detach yourself from any worries or problems. Always think that all problems will pass. If it helps, you may go strolling at the park, read a relaxing book, watch a movie or TV, or listen to some mellow music. Be organized in everything you do to minimize stress.

Do something that will increase your self-esteem. The more self-confidence you have, the more fearless and less anxious you become, hence the lesser chances that you will experience panic.

5) Have spiritual faith.

Studies have proven that those who believe in a Supreme Being are happier and more at ease. People who believe that God/ the Universe will help and provide in times of need are much more likely to have peace of mind.

6) Counter negative thinking with positive thoughts.

Never allow bad thoughts and emotions to enter your mind. Say "Cancel! Cancel! Cancel!" every time you find yourself entertaining pessimistic thoughts. Wear a rubber band in your wrist and snap it every time something negative seeps through your mind, so you will learn to associate pain with negative thoughts.

7) Manage your time well.

Prioritize your tasks. This will allow you to feel that you are in control of your time and schedule. Don't allow yourself to get buried in so many responsibilities that you don't have time to relax and contemplate.

Learn to say "No". Do not make commitments that you cannot handle in the time that is allotted to you. It is not a sin to live a sane and balanced life.

8) Anchor the experience.

In any instance that you've successfully conquered panic attacks or identified something that has worked, anchor the experience. For example, squeeze your thumb and middle finger while feeling the overwhelming sense of power over panic attacks or anxieties. Wait for a few minutes before letting go of the anchor while still in your engrossed state.

Now every time panic visits you again in the future, squeeze your thumb and middle finger again to bring back that same powerful experience.

You may do other anchors such as clenching your fists, listening to a song, etc. Now every time you want to bring back that experience, do the anchor (clench your fist, listen to that same song, etc.). You'll be surprised with the results.

This will give you more security that you can overcome panic when it strikes again in the future.

9) Learn from experience.

When you've been able to know what activity has worked, do that again. If you found that going for a calm walk in the park works for you, then do it more often.

Understanding and detecting the symptoms/causes of panic attacks and anxieties, as well as knowing and applying the steps in treating panic disorders, will allow you to live a normal and happy life.

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