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Slow Down Your Metabolism and Control It By Michael Lee

For the most part, people are consumed with losing weight and speeding up their metabolism, so it sounds fairly different if you are interested in knowing how to slow down metabolism. But it’s certainly not a rare case. For example, if you’re too thin for your frame and height, or if you do eat a lot but are unable to gain a single pound no matter how hard you try, it may be time to consider learning how to slow down your metabolism.

Your metabolism ensures that the calories you consume are burned and food nutrients are processed for your body’s use. If you want to gain more weight, you can take a few steps to slow down your metabolism. Remember that your goal here isn’t to gain a lot of weight in a short time; that can be very unhealthy and may involve you eating the wrong kinds of food that will help you pack on some pounds.

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The first important thing to remember if you want to slow down your metabolism is to eat high-calorie foods. A high amount of calories will help make sure that your body won’t be able to burn them off so quickly. Consider adding more sauces or dressings to your meal, or enjoying extra helpings of food. For health purposes, you can still select healthier food options, such as those containing vegetable fat. Otherwise, refrain from eating anything that contains zero or low-fat.

Remember to drink fruit juices or milk throughout your day. This is a simple way to help you feel full and assist in adding to your calorie storage.

Exercise is still important in lowering your metabolism. Just remember not to do any high-impact exercises. Instead, you can still go with low-impact workouts just to ensure that you remain physically fit.

To be sure about what can help you slow down your metabolism, you can consult your physician. He or she will be able to guide you and perhaps even give you a list of foods and dishes you can prepare that will help you lower your metabolism.

Trying to slow down your metabolism may sound a lot easier—and probably more fun—but remember that this doesn’t give you the license to start eating unhealthy foods. Your goal is simply to gain weight, and you can accomplish this without having to stray from a healthy food program.

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