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Sell Stock Photos: How To Make Money By Selling Your Stock Photos By Michael Lee

Did you know you can earn money by selling stock photos? This is a photographer's dream come true. But even if you're not a photographer, as long as you have a camera, you can make money with this technique.

Here's the process: Take pictures, upload them on online stock photo agencies, and get a share of the earnings when someone buys your photos. Sounds simple? Yes, but there's a right way to do it to maximize your earnings if you sell stock photos.

If you have a collection of pictures uploaded on your hard drive, this could mean big money. And if you don't have them yet, start taking pictures! You could earn $1 to $20 when someone buys a picture you uploaded.

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Online Sites To Sell Stock Photos To:

What Kind of Pictures Should You Take?

Look at identical pictures from the stock photo sites and observe what other users are uploading.

Here's a tip. Step into the shoes of potential customers. What pictures would your buyers want to include on their site, blog, myspace or facebook account?

A smart-looking man typing on his computer will probably have many uses - for business, education, computer related, etc. That would be better than say, a picture of a zebra, because there are limited uses for that. Get the picture?

Important Reminders When Selling Stock Photos

Make sure you read and follow the submission guidelines and other prerequisites before you upload your pictures.

Put in-demand keywords so more potential customers will find you and help you sell more stock photos. Observe identical photographs available to know what keywords the other sellers are using.

Mode of Payment

Most of these online stock photo sites pay via check or paypal.

Another Way to Earn Money with Pictures

You can upload your pictures in, but remember to license it at, where you allow them to use your picture as long as they they give you (or your site) credit, and with the conditions you indicate. When anyone uses your picture, you get free promotion.

It's time to make money with your camera and sell your stock photos. Anyone can do it! Upload them now and see the moneymaking potential in this venture.

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