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Organic Dog Food Ė Should You Feed Organic Food to Your Pet Dog? By Michael Lee

These days, going eco-friendly and organic is all the rage, and you can see people striving to make a change in their lifestyles and their eating habits. So why not include dog food in the organic crusade? Sales of organic dog food are going up, and this is due to the fact that pet owners who are trying to eat well also want their dogs to do the same. People are starting to think that the usual commercial dog foods arenít the best option (especially with the dog food recall), and that organic dog food is the key to keeping their dogs healthy.

Many dog owners are convinced that organic dog food ensures better health for their pets. However, there havenít been any studies or reports that make such a claim, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) itself also states that the main difference lies in how the food is produced and processed, not in their nutritional content.

Nevertheless, this doesnít stop people from helping their pets adopt an organic diet, and the fact that organic dog food uses more wholesome ingredients is already a major part of its appeal.

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What goes into organic dog food? The manufacturers of these meals all have their own approach to the ingredients, and they promise that their products donít make use of growth hormones, antibiotics, and artificial flavorings. Organic dog food made out of chicken, for example, usually uses free-range chickens. Even dog treats can be manufactured using organic whole grains.

If youíre thinking about switching your dogís diet to organic dog food, there are a few things you should consider. First is the price. Organic dog food is more expensive than regular dog food, so you should first look at the food options available and determine which one is within your budget.

You should also do your research on organic dog food manufacturers and learn more about their production process and their reputation as well.

Donít forget to consult your veterinarian first before making the switch. Making the change to organic dog food isnít applauded by all veterinarians, so itís best to find out from your vet how this change can affect your dog.

Organic dog food has many positive points, but you shouldnít forget to look at the other side of it as well. It may turn out that your dog is most suited to what he currently eats, so do your research first and donít rush him into a complete diet overhaul.

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