How to Talk to a Woman and Attract Her Attention
By Michael Lee

Before we get into the specifics of how to talk to a woman and attract her attention, let me remind you that this isn't a list of the best pick-up lines. What you will learn in this article is how to talk to a woman in such a way that you won't have to worry about running out of flatteries or witty punch lines.

Sounds complicated? Not really. Once you read the next lines you'll realize just how "sound" these ideas are:

1. Realize that women aren't all that different from men. Don't treat them like species from another planet. Once you see an attractive (and I mean HOT) woman, realize that you don't have to be the typical speechless schoolboy type -- starry-eyed, flushed and firing away compliments. Nope, restrain yourself.

She probably gets that reaction almost every time, being the "hottie" that she is. She's human too; and yes, she does get bored.

Innovate. Re-create. When you know how to talk to a woman in a way that will amaze her with uniqueness, then you just might be the first refreshing male encounter she's had in weeks!

2. You never know when or where you might sight a potential mate. Be it at work, in a bar, or while you're out walking the dog or picking up the morning paper…it helps to always be presentable.

Grooming is necessary if you want to attract somebody. You don't need to be Hollywood-worthy; just be neat, clean and devoid of any " bad smell". When women see you as somebody who takes good care of himself - that's one big bonus point for you.

3. Be confident. Don't be stuck in the belief that she's way too gorgeous to consider the normal "you." Only when you shrug off that idea will you be truly able to communicate confidence.

Think of it as a mutual attraction - she's attractive, and so are you. You compliment each other. Be sure your body language also oozes with confidence, ok? So chin up, chest out, stomach in and smile.

There it is, the 3 basic steps to conquering female complexity. Once you know how to talk to a woman in a way that's confident and unique…the girl of your dreams is just around the bend - with her contact number ready to be dished out.

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