How to Talk to Your Kids Effectively
By Michael Lee

If your idea of a conversation with your kids involves a shouting match which ends with a "You're grounded" howl from you, then you have to learn how to talk to your kids without raising your blood pressure. Let's face it, raising children is 4 parts "art" and 6 parts "pure hell". But nothing can deny the fact that parenthood is the most fulfilling of all careers. Therefore, knowing how to talk to your kids effectively is something you should learn by heart in order to communicate well with them.

1. Be as honest as you can be. There are times when your 4-year old might catch you off-guard with an impromptu question. This can either be something out of a trivia contest (like, why is the sky blue? or how deep is sand?) or a sensitive issue about death, sex or drugs.

If you can't answer right away, then tell them so. Regardless of what you might think, it's ok not to know everything. Just tell your kid that you have no idea at the moment but that you will look it up and share it with him/her later. Be sure to keep your promises too. Children do appreciate it if you are trustworthy enough to keep your word.

2. Begin as soon as possible. Communication is something that should come naturally between you and your child. So early on, be sure to initiate good conversation with your kids.

As early as 3 or 4 years old, kids can become really inquisitive. Nurture their curiosity. When they get exposed to television and other forms of media, you won't be able to control the information that gets to them.

You still have the first opportunity to explain things, so be sure you use this chance wisely. Knowing how to talk to your kids effectively while they are still young will give you a good foundation for effective communication.

3. Be patient. Most of the time, kids may annoy you with constant questioning. Talking or explaining would be easier if you make the conversation as straightforward as possible. Don't confuse them with difficult words. Use terms that are familiar and in line with their level of understanding.

Those are 3 simple tips on knowing how to talk to your kids effectively. I hope it works both ways…talk to them while listening. And listen to them when they talk. Communication is a dual effort; as a parent though, its up to you to initiate it. Happy parenting!

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