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Dating Rules for Men - What Every Man Should Know Before Dating By Michael Lee

For the guys who know how to date, have not dated for years, or a guy who has been on dates but is always unsuccessful with women, this article reveals some helpful dating rules for men that should be set before diving into the dating scene. Many women have been trained in this since day one. Men may never get close to their level of preparedness but can try to follow these beneficial dating rules for men anyway.

Be at your best when it comes to looks. All women tend to look at how you are dressed, and especially examine your shoes. Try to find clothes that fit you right - buying just one outfit will not do. Try to sort out your whole wardrobe. This will be a sign that you can take care of yourself, and take care of her too.

Be hygienic. Sort out your tangled hair and get a decent haircut if time allows it. Go to good quality shops for decent cologne and a grooming kit. It can be time-consuming; but men are always criticized if they smell bad, so try to get into a regular shower routine so you can smell wonderful afterwards. A woman appreciates that.

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Strive to improve at work as well. A man with ambition is appealing to women. Try to get some direction in your life. Get yourself on track with career opportunities. Women will question you about prospects at your work so you cannot pretend it is not important.

Try to be more mature. Getting your brain well fed is a plus. Humor is appreciated, but a woman prefers maturity. Do not let your love for sports be more of a priority than your lady. Millions of women love sports, but ramming your love for it down her throat is not advisable. Many women are not interested about current gaming consoles, they may be more interested in traveling and how you think about the outside world.

Limit yourself if you drink too much booze. Being a drunken party-boy will never leave a positive impression with your date. If you happen to be a smoker, reduce the times you smoke; or better yet, quit smoking altogether.

Do not be aggressive on the first date. This is a horrible way to think. Being patient will lead you to the girl of your dreams. Learn to wait and try to find other ways where you can make a connection with your date. This is probably the most important dating rule for men.

A woman loves a man with brains. Having basic manners, chivalry and courtesy attracts women. They love to be treated with respect. Avoid bad language, laziness and rudeness. Know how to be a gentleman who knows how to act properly with manners. Holding a door open for her is simple, yet women know it takes effort on your part. Be sensitive. Showing her a lot of respect is a great step forward.

Listen more; talk less. If it seems like you are ignoring her, her ego might get hurt. Try to listen to her when she speaks, women appreciate it if they know you are paying attention.

Here's a unique dating rule for men: learn how to dance. Many women love to dance, so even if you have no dancing talent, at least give your best effort. Think of dancing as a romantic and sexy activity. It does not matter if you dance badly - at least she is dancing with you rather than with someone else.

If you follow these dating rules for men, you will have better chances of having a great time with your date.

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