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Tips to Deal With Procrastination - Weed Out Procrastination Entirely! By Michael Lee

Want to discover highly effective tips to deal with procrastination? I bet you do. But first, let me tell you how serious of a problem procrastination can be.

Procrastination is the bug that has bitten more people than there are in China. It is a bug so virulent, that it affects productivity; and the worse part is, it snowballs throughout the corporate ladder. Procrastination has cost more hours and money than anything else. Procrastination has delayed projects and ground programs to a halt. Procrastination is the root of a corrupt bureaucracy.

But procrastination can be dealt with. There are two ways: the stop-gap way, and the overhaul way. This collection of tips to deal with procrastination deals with the overhaul: finding the roots of your procrastination habits and learning how to deal with them.

Number 1 Tip to Deal With Procrastination: Know the Root Cause.

What triggers your procrastination? Is it because your boss is nasty and is a slave-driver? Is it because your wife is nagging you? Or is it because you are just so swamped?

When you react to challenges and stress by being passive-aggressive and then procrastinating, then you need to correct your attitudes. Some people retaliate on others by procrastinating on delivering their requests. But if you are just procrastinating because you are so busy at the moment, then you have to organize and prioritize. Weed out the root of your procrastination: understand yourself. Only then can you make the steps to stop it.

Number 2 Tip to Deal With Procrastination: Correct your thoughts.

When you catch yourself thinking like a victim and being passive-aggressive, correct yourself. Passive-aggressiveness is not a good way to deal with stress and challenges. You have to own up to your anger, your irritation, and be honest with yourself and with your "adversary" about it.

Honesty dispels a lot of negativity by flashing the light of truth on it. There is something refreshing when you are honest with yourself. If you notice, when you are honest about your emotions and about everything in your life, you feel light. If you have been in denial or have been lying for so long, then you finally decide to make a clean breast out of things through honesty, then chances are, you'll feel lighter upon your moment of honest revelation.

Thus, when you deal with stress through procrastination, stop yourself. Admit what you feel. Confront your "enemy" in as civil or even gentle manner as possible. Try to arrive at a solution or at least a compromise. Then move on and finish what you have to do. Use time management tools to help ease your load.

Do not succumb to thoughts that tell you that you are a victim. Face it; life is not exactly a good model for equality. But you can actually choose to deal with its unfair moments in a constructive manner. Let it spur you on instead of breaking your back.

Number 3 Tip to Deal With Procrastination: Practical tips.

If your root cause for procrastination is not an unhealthy attitude, you can deal with things in a more systematic, objective way: through prioritization and organization. Rank your tasks from the most important and urgent to the least, and tick them off as they are done. Stick to the goal of finishing the list. And don't make room for excuses. Just go and do it.

Hope these tips to deal with procrastination will help you get things done. Here's to a more productive life!

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