Success Delivered
By Lance Mock

How do you ensure success, no matter what youíre doing?

Have a delivery system in place. And no, Iím not talking about U.P.S. or Fed Ex.

I am talking about a Universal Delivery system.

Youíve probably heard that you are never more than 7 people away from anyone in the world. That means no matter who you need, for anything that you need, you will not have to go through more than 7 people to get to them.

Now here is something that I am going to add to this little equation that makes it even better. You are never more than 7 people away from the person who will say ďyes.Ē I really believe this is true.

So if you need a great software developer to take a look at your idea; or you need a funding source for your new business; or you need a marketing expert that can push your new product; whoever it is, that person is right around the corner.

To create this universal delivery system, the first thing we need to do is know people. I am not talking about acquaintances, but real friends or business associates who are interested in you. You know what they do and they know what you do. Not just in business, but all around interests.

In order to really turbo charge this process it is wise toÖ
1. Have a large group of people that you know.
2. Attach yourself to people with a variety of interests.
3. Learn how to request without asking.
4. Match the right subject to the right people.

Okay, letís dissect these points.

Obviously the more people that you know, the more opportunity you have in cutting down the number of people that you have to go through.

As an example: Burt, your garbage man introduces you to Tom who was the finance manager where he bought his car. Tom and Randy became great friends when Randy installed new software he developed for dealerships. Since you are friendly with Tom you get to meet Randy. And so on.

When you need someone to look at a software idea that you have and want to develop, obviously you would go to Randy rather than Burt. It just makes sense.

The story above fits in with point 2, also. If you work in construction and those are the only people you hang out with, they probably arenít going to be able to help you out a lot with your new micro brewing business. They might be great customers, though. J

So the point is to have friends in as many different areas as possible. This doesnít mean stalking, but most people are open to having new friends, especially if you show interest in their interests.

I added point 3 for this reason: Fear of rejection can get in the way of your success if you give it half a chance. We are very social creatures and we are also naturally negative.

For example, letís say I have an idea for a program that will make it easy for veterinarians to sell pet supplements.

Here is the way that I could play it out in my mind:

I go straight to Randy (the software guy) and tell him what a great idea I have, and ask if he would be interested in working on this with me. He smiles and says that maybe my idea will work, but itís really not his thing, and what makes me think that there is a market for something like that anyway? He doesnít have time to look at it even if he is interested, and heís not.

Oh man, after playing that scenario out in my mind I feel that I better just forget it. He will probably tell Tom what a loser I am and it will get back to Burt and I will be a laughing stock to everyone I know. Itís just not worth it.

So now letís play out another scenario. Same product idea; I make contact with Randy and ask him if he can point me in the right direction of either learning how to write my own programs, or if by chance he knows of anyone that might be interested in taking a look at an idea that I have.

At this point he has 3 options:
1. He can tell me how to get started writing software programs. (He wonít.)
2. He will say that he can take a peak at what I have and maybe point me in the right direction. (Odds are this is what will happen.)
3. If he is just too busy he will get me in contact with someone who might really be able to help me.

I didnít ask him for anything other than a little information with an expressed interest and admiration for what he does. If you approach someone in this way, they will always welcome you and feel warmly towards you 99.999% of the time. And they will never have anything to say about you that isnít nice.

You risk absolutely nothing, other than moving up the ladder in their eyes.

And again I think that point 4 is pretty obvious and we have already covered it. You donít go to your garbage man for advice on your software idea, especially when you already know someone who is a software developer.

I should also let you know that by having Burt, Tom and Randy as your delivery system, they also have you as theirs. Thatís a good thing. It offers a lot of possibility for additional income and social contact.

So we have briefly covered two important points here:

1. Your Universal delivery system
2. How to ask by not asking.

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