The "Still, Small Voice"
A John Harricharan Article

Often, it seems, we come upon a problem that takes all our strength to even begin to figure how to solve it. As time goes on, it appears that every problem we encounter becomes more difficult than the previous one. How can we proceed when it appears that the world is crashing all around?

What choices do we make? Where do we go for help? How do we cope? What road do we choose? Obviously, Yogi Berra's statement, "When you come to a fork in the road, take it" does not bring us great comfort at such times.

Some of us analyze the facts and study the intricacies of the problem. This is good, but analysis is not always enough. Then again, we may not and cannot know all the facts. Analysis alone may lead to the "paralysis of analysis." And facts may not be facts after all. Many of them may just be opinions.

So how do we deal with our most troubling challenges? By using a combination of methods and means. Remember, there are only three types of problems in life: money, health and relationship. Name any problem you have and, if you look closely, you'd see that it falls under one or more of these.

Within each and every one of us is a guidance mechanism that always points the way to overcome challenges. It doesn't matter whether the problem you are facing is large or small. It really is not important whether it's a problem of money, health, relationship or a combination of these. The first thing to realize is that you are more powerful than any problem that comes your way.

You came into this world equipped with all the tools necessary to solve all your problems. Deep within us is a place that's not affected by problems as we see them. Way, way deep in our hearts and souls is the perfect solution to any problem that may come our way. All we have to do is work with the guidance mechanism that we all have.

To start accessing this mechanism, the first requirement is that we become quiet. All of us keep up a lively, running dialogue in our heads. We have to quiet the dialogue for at least a short while so we can receive information from the deepest part of our souls. Then the voice of intuition will speak to us.

A number of times a day, choose a few minutes to be quiet. By being quiet, what I am really saying is to turn down the volume of your self-talk. It won't entirely go away, but it would become quiet enough so that we could hear the "still small voice" of our inner-sense whispering guidance to us.

Listen intently to the messages you're getting from your inner-self. Do not force it or try to interpret what you're hearing. Just listen with an open mind. At first, it'll seem a bit difficult to do this. But as you practice, it will become much easier. And as it becomes easier, it'll become more useful.

The solutions to all your problems exist right now. The answers are already there. Just listen for them in the quietness of your being and they will come to you --perhaps not immediately, but very soon. And trust the process; it works much better and faster when you trust it.

Keep an open mind. Don't argue or analyze the messages you get from your intuition. Sometimes the message may not make sense right away. Just go on with your daily work and you'll start finding that you get hunches about what is troubling you most. Follow your hunches. They are God's messengers trying to lead you to your greatest good.

If you practice this seemingly simple exercise, you would find that guidance comes to you in many forms and in many ways. The answer to your problem may come to you while you're taking a shower, driving to the supermarket, walking the dog or even in your sleep as a dream.

You may even find answers in a song on the radio, the words on a billboard or a phone call from a friend. The universe has all the answers to our problems. Be guided by the great wisdom within you. Trust yourself and trust your God. You are the universe's special project and you cannot fail.

John Harricharan is the author of Power Pause, the Fantastic Formula that Brings Wealth, Success and Happiness. He is also the award-winning author of the bestseller, "When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat". Get a free PDF copy and sign up for John's free newsletter at Photos of John and friends are at



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