Publishing Web Content and Making Money on Affiliate Content Sites
By Michael Lee

Publishing web content related to the affiliate products you're promoting, and having a website to post them to, are vital for affiliate marketing success. Sure, you can promote affiliate products without having a website. However, if you want to maximize your affiliate earnings and establish a solid affiliate business, you simply must have a website (or a blog) that contains web content worth publishing on any respectable site.

The question now would be: where do you find or how do you get the web content needed for your site? Here are some great ideas.

Web Site Content Generation Idea # 1 - Write them yourself.

This is ideal if you are on a tight budget. All you need to do is invest some time to research and come up with helpful free web site content related to the affiliate product you're endorsing. And if you're already familiar with the topic, writing is a breeze.

Web Site Content Generation Idea # 2 - Outsource to freelance writers.

If you have the funds, want to save time, or simply hate writing, this is the ideal option. It frees up most of your time unless you need to edit the content; that's why if you've found a reliable freelance writer, treat him like gold.

To search for suitable writers, simply go to or and post a writing project for writers to bid on. Once your desired content is written, you should own exclusive rights to it to do whatever you please.

Web Site Content Generation Idea # 3 - Buy products with private label rights (more popularly known as PLR) .

This approach also saves you valuable time, and doesn't cost as much as having freelancers write exclusive content for you.

You may extract portions from the PLR products and post them as articles on your affiliate content site, or you may give away PLR reports (or mini-ebooks) with your affiliate links within. If you've bought PLR articles, you may organize and combine them to create a PLR report. Read the terms carefully to ensure that you're given the right to alter, add or remove any content from the PLR product.

One good suggestion is to rewrite some of the content if you want it to be somewhat different from those who have also bought the PLR products. However, this shouldn't be a cause for worry since many of the buyers of those PLR products are not going to use them anyway.

Web Site Content Generation Idea # 4 - Use public domain materials.

This saves you both time and money in your search for free web site content. Public domain resources are copyright-free, so you may do anything you want with them.

You can find a list of public domain sources here:

One sound advice if you're going to use public domain is to modify some, or most, of the content so it can be unique and you can treat it as your own work.

Web Site Content Generation Idea # 5 - Affiliate Tools

Use the articles or other pre-sellers provided by the merchant and put your affiliate link in the appropriate place (i.e. resource box). You may also post the affiliate product's benefits or features.

Hope these 5 web site content generation ideas will help you in publishing web content most suitable for your affiliate content sites. Good luck and may you have an abundance of affiliate commissions.

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