How to Promote an Affiliate Program Using Powerful Endorsements
By Michael Lee

If you want to know how to promote an affiliate program successfully, you must choose the appropriate words in your promotions, as well as deliver your marketing message in a way that influences prospects to build an intense desire for the product. Learn how to promote an affiliate program using persuasive endorsements, and you will soon find yourself earning massive affiliate commissions.

Here are some excellent tips to write compelling endorsements or advertising messages in promoting affiliate products.

1) Master the art of writing attention-grabbing headlines and subject lines. Your promotional messages will not be read unless you grab the readers' attention right at the start. You have to entice them enough to make them stop what they're currently doing and read your message. This is probably the most important step on how to promote an affiliate program effectively.

2) Target the emotions. People respond better to emotions than logic. In fact, research suggests that we rely on our emotions most of the time when making decisions. Therefore, you should aim to expound more on the affiliate product's benefits (which appeal to the emotions) more than the features (which appeal to logic). Here are examples of features and their corresponding benefits:

Feature: This drink contains catechins.
Benefit: This drink prevents the growth of cancer cells.

3) Organize related sections and group them into subtopics. Each subtopic should have a convincing subheadline. For easier reading, use bullets when you have a list.

4) Know the product you're promoting inside out. Buy it, then read or use it. List the negative points (if any), before countering them with the overwhelming benefits. Write an unbiased review or testimonial after using or applying the product. Make sure that you relate your actual experience and not make up something just to make some quick sales. Earning your customers' trust is of utmost importance.

5) Write short sentences and limit each paragraph to 4 lines if possible. Long sentences and paragraphs are harder to read. The more effort the reader exerts, the more chances he will get discouraged to read further.

6) Use simple yet hypnotic words. Use the software from to come up with the most appropriate words to use. Highlight the most important words or statements. Try to include the word "because." People have reasons for everything, so state the reason "why" because it justifies your cause.

7) Include endorsements/testimonials from famous people, as well as people whose personality/occupation fits with the product. A copywriter's endorsement for a persuasion book is better than a chef's. (The case would be different though, if the endorsement comes from a well-known personality. In this case, the endorsement will be well received notwithstanding the product.)

When the endorser's reputation has been tainted, remove his testimonial from your promotions.

8) Write a riveting story that connects with the product you're selling and the action you want people to take. When you tell a story, you lower the readers' resistance, make complicated things easier to understand, and perk up their emotions. You get them to escape temporarily from the real world and enter another dimension. When they are in storyland, their minds are more open to accept concepts and ideas that they have previously denied.

Engage as much of their senses as possible. Let them see, hear, smell, taste, and feel the various aspects of your story, then tie them in to the affiliate product.

Now you know how to promote an affiliate program using compelling words and messages. Apply these useful tips now and boost your affiliate earnings!

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