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Cheating Results in Emotional Changes

Marriage and relationships should be the continuation of strong, passionate love. Sadly, despite the best efforts of partners, psychiatrists, and even parents to patch up differences and quarrels, marriage and relationships sometimes lead to the end of love. Marriage and relationships are difficult to maintain, and are fraught with problems, ranging from how to spend or invest money, how to raise children, what church to go to, and even whether the family should have pets. Men enter into a relationship or marriage expecting a woman to stay as beautiful and easy to handle. Women enter into a relationship or marriage expecting a man to change for the better.

These differences are often what lead to breakups, separations, or divorces. These differences, along with the fact that men constantly want excitement, and women need affirmation and praise, all lead to infidelity.

The leading cause of divorce, and perhaps the biggest problem in most marriages nowadays, cheating is growing more and more common, and is on the verge of being accepted behavior. Surveys and polls say that about forty percent of wives cheat on their husbands, and about sixty percent of husbands cheat on their wives. Not only do these numbers seem to discourage marriage in those about to take their vows, they seem to point to marriage as being a pointless enterprise, when it was once a sacred union.

Cheating does not happen only to wicked people; it can ruin even the best relationships. Cheating, however, can be detected through several telltale signs that can start by being irritating, before they evolve into something highly suspicious.

There are several emotional changes that occur in husbands or wives when they cheat. Why, in the first place, do people cheat? Due to their hunter instincts, men always look for the thrill of a chase, and are always on the lookout for new prey if they miss the old hunts and winning women. On the other hand, women are raised to be mothers, and to look for responsible husbands. Ever idealistic, women think that their husbands can change for the better, only to find out that the opposite is true. With their expectations unmet, women will often fly out of the marital nest and try to find someone to meet those expectations and close the void they seek to fill.

With man as hunter, it will be easy to see the emotional signs that point to a cheating man.

  • A man will often pick fights with his wife, as though trying to find a challenge. He will try to bait her: he will act as though he is unappreciated, and then provoke a woman by constantly finding fault with her.
  • This constant need for attention can also be accompanied by a man becoming more uncommunicative, and by keeping emotional distance from his wife. When he used to be confiding, he will no longer speak to his wife on personal matters. When he used to seek her advice, he will no longer ask for it, much less bring up matters that may need a woman's touch to resolve.
  • He becomes defensive. Often, a potential cheater will have a single line: "I would never cheat on you." This is a false promise, and will most often lead to the man actually violating his vow. If this is said within a marriage, it may even signal that a man is having an affair.

A woman, constantly seeking affirmation and a better man, will manifest her secrets through these emotional changes:

  • Like the cheating man, the cheating woman will be more detached, and will constantly seek attention. This time, however, a cheating woman will ask for praise, but will not be content even when it is given. She will also be less confiding, and will not pour out her emotions to her spouse or boyfriend.
  • Women will often argue with men because they are interested in a man's affairs. If a woman no longer argues with her husband or boyfriend, this may mean that she is not interested in what he is doing, and thus no longer cares about him. This may also mean that she cares much more for someone else.
  • Women will always be closer to their children. If they lose interest in their family and spend much less time with their kids, then this may be a sign that they are having an affair.

In general, it would be wise to watch the spouse's words. A cheating spouse will usually bring up the subject of affairs, or of the possibility of loving more than one person at a time. A cheating spouse will also be on a guilt trip and ask his or her spouse if the spouse is true and not cheating. All these signs may point to infidelity, and taken together, should be cause for concern.

Marriage and relationships should be maintained rigorously in order for them to work. Cheating is only one problem, but it is one that should be solved, and quickly.


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