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Body Language Signs to Drive Home a Point
By Michael Lee

In order to express your statements clearly and fully, you need to accompany your expressions and comments with the right kind of body language signs.

Many people know how essential body language is in effective communication. Thus, when you're trying to emphasize a certain point or idea, simply saying how excited you are with a situation or event is not sufficient.

For example, if a friend came to you with news about his promotion, replying back with something like "That's wonderful news!" while having a blank expression on your face makes you inconsistent and might make others think that you are not a "true" or trustworthy friend.

Body Language Signs - 2 Things to Keep in Mind

According to experts on the art of interpreting body language signs, there are two things you should remember.

First, to emphasize a point, you need to apply body language that is concurrent with the statement. Second, you need to hyperbolize a bit.

For example, if you want to stress how large the lot you're selling is, you can further drive the point home by stretching your arms out really wide while saying something like, "The property is so big an wide (stretch arms out wide) that you can practically build a house with a basketball court, gym, and pool there." Combining metaphors with body language has a more powerful effect.

You can shake or nod your head to react to an idea or event, take huge steps to show excitement, pound your fist on the desk and stomp your foot if you need to show a little aggression, and change your facial expressions according to the need.

Of course, not all body language signs have to be blatant to be effective. Sometimes, subtlety works a lot better, especially if you're trying to convince someone to buy what you're selling.

Subtle body language movements include cupping your palms and leaning forward to show you are serious, crossing your arms over your chest to signify that you're not understanding or agreeing with the other party's statements, and inclining your head to one side to signify awe or astonishment.

To illustrate, you will know if the person you are talking to is losing interest in what you're saying if he starts looking at his watch, shaking his leg, or tapping his foot. Shifty eyes are also an indicator of boredom, though it can also mean that the person is lying in some cases.

Indeed, communication is not just characterized by the words you say. Body language signs say a lot about what you are thinking or feeling at that particular moment; so if you're a very transparent person, it's unlikely that you'll be able to hide anything.

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