Affiliate Marketing Tips to Generate Unstoppable Traffic
By Michael Lee

Of all affiliate marketing tips, generating traffic is probably the most important topic. This is because without traffic, no visitors would come to your affiliate sites. (Fortunately, once you bring traffic to your affiliate link for How to be a Master Persuasion Wizard, we take care of the rest in converting your referrals to buyers.)

In this article, I will be revealing four website traffic techniques that you can begin to use right away to earn those big affiliate commission checks.

Google Adwords: This is the quickest way to generate targeted traffic to your affiliate offers. With just $5 you can start generating traffic to your affiliate offers in the next 15 minutes.

Google ads are those ads you see on the right hand site on most search results on google. If you do a search on google, you'll notice that there are two sets of results. The main ones on the left and the small texts coloured blue on the right.

Advertisers place those ads on the right and they pay for every click on their ads. Your job is to be placing those kinds of ads. Go to for more details.

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Article Marketing: This is a great way to generate steady and long-term traffic to your affiliate offers. Another reason why it is great is because it is free. All you need to do is write quality articles and submit to article directories. Please note that some article directories like do not accept affiliate links.

To beat that, create a mini website or a blog (using or where you can send your visitors before redirecting them to the merchant's website. Alternatively, you can buy a new domain name and redirect to your affiliate link.

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Ezine Advertising: This is one of the earliest forms of advertising on the Internet. Look for targeted newsletters and advertise your affiliate websites and offers. Write a powerful ad and you will see results in no time.

Solo ads seem to work best with ezine advertising. They are those ads that are sent exclusively to list members. No other ads are placed alongside yours.

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Viral Marketing: Write short reports related to your affiliate products and give them out for free. Give them to your subscribers for free, and send them to other product owners to use as bonuses. Remember to include your affiliate links within the contents.

Make sure you give quality information in the report or people won't appreciate your affiliate recommendations in your report.

If you don't know how to create such reports, you can buy a private label right report and edit it to your satisfaction.

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Out of all affiliate marketing tips, generating traffic is arguably the most important so use these tips and start making affiliate money now.

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