Affiliate Marketing Mistakes - Why Many Fail With Affiliate Marketing and How to be Among the Few Affiliates Who Succeed
By Michael Lee

It is believed that the easiest way to make money online is through affiliate marketing. The truth is that only a few makes good money with it because they are committing affiliate marketing mistakes that are setting them up for failure.

What are these affiliate marketing mistakes? Here they are:

1. They are waiting to start.

Iíve seen a lot of people read affiliate marketing ebooks but never take any action after that. Some others sign up to some affiliate programs but never do anything with them.

You can never make money with affiliate marketing if you behave this way. Like every kind of business, affiliate marketing requires action and work at the start. Once you get the ball rolling, it gets easier and easier.

2. They quit after the first attempt.

A lot of new affiliate marketers quit after their first attempt. This usually happens if they lose more money on advertising than they earn from affiliate commissions. Everyone has to start somewhere. If you quit, you will be the loser.

Those who continue to learn and treat their promotional experiences as lessons will make good affiliate money in the long run, while those who moan that it just doesnít work will never succeed.

If you encounter a loss on your first investment, it makes sense to analyse why you lost so that you can work towards correcting them.

3. They are not patient.

Because of all the hype we see online, we believe that there is a magic button to be pressed that will bring us money through affiliate programs. A lot of people get frustrated when they donít make the millions they hear about when they get started.

There is no magic button. You have to be patient to build your business. That is the secret to long lasting profits.

4. They donít use effective promotional tools and methods.

Affiliates fail because they are not provided the proper promotional tools. They should choose to join affiliate programs that provide as many proven affiliate marketing tools as they can use to help them make money. Fortunately, the Master Persuasion Wizard Affiliate Program provides everything affiliates will ever need to earn big affiliate commissions.

A lot of people start their affiliate business looking for short cuts. They wonít take you anywhere. You need to follow proven methods that have been working for years.

One of the best affiliate marketing methods is pre-selling. Pre-selling involves giving valuable content to people who might be interested in your offer, but you're not directly promoting anything. You can give away reports, send articles or tips that will help them in some way. Again, the Master Persuasion Wizard Affiliate Program provides you with the most powerful preselling tools you'll ever need (see "Rebrandable Reports" and "Articles/Presellers" sections of

Make sure that that you prevent affiliate marketing mistakes from ruining your chance to earn big affiliate commissions online, and be one of the few who succeed. Let these lessons be the guiding light in your affiliate business.

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